Album: HIGH HOPES FOR NOTHING demo (2011)

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Song: Suicidal notes

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Striker existed from 1997 until 2000.

Line up:
Lorre - Vocals
Gerre - 6string
Tomme - 6string
PJ - 4string
Terre - drums

In 1999 the band released a demo tape called 'High Hopes For Nothing'. It contained 4 songs: 'Dark Emotions', 'Suicidal Notes', 'Bring The Light' & 'Irrational Behaviour'.

In 2001 Striker wanted to restart but all plans were stopped with the loss of our friend and singer Lorre. We still miss you bro, c-ya on the other side.

After the break-up Gerre joined Core of Anger and Restless,
Tomme started up One Outta Six and later The Boss,
Pj joined Retaliate, Outcast and later on Crossed The Line.
Terre started up Restless.